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Buying wholesale merchandise to resell at wholesale pricing. A few suggestions on buying wholesale merchandise at the lowest possible cost for retail stores, convenience stores, dollar stores, kiosks, flea markets, online retailers, 99 cent stores, small businesses, etc. Buy directly online! Start by searching the internet for online wholesalers that have the products that you need for your business. This way you cut out the travel costs of searching for products at tradeshows and showrooms. Buy from a wholesaler that does not have a lot of overhead. A companies overhead can increase the cost of the merchandise, which will cut into your profit. Look for a wholesale supplier who does not have a high street presence, large showrooms and a large sales force. Look for wholesale websites that are straight forward and easy to use. This will help you mitigate time spent in the purchasing process. Buy from a wholesaler who imports directly from the manufacturer and has the inventory in stock. This will keep costs lower, due the fact it has not changed hands several times, which would increase the price of the merchandise. Buy from a wholesaler that has good variety of merchandise. It can save you on shipping costs when ordering different merchandise from the same wholesale supplier because there is only one shipping charge. Work with and wholesaler who will work with you to get the lowest shipping rates possible. Shipping costs can quickly cut into your profit. Lastly, if you find a wholesaler you would like to work with and don’t find all the products you are looking for, ask them if they can get it for you. This may help you cut down on countless hours of searching, where, in your business, time is money.

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