What Questions Should You Ask Your Wholesale Supplier?

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Choosing wholesale suppliers for your business is a task that requires care and attention to detail. The ideal wholesale product distributor should be able to meet many of your sourcing requirements quickly and efficiently. These days there are a number of online companies that offer internationally made wholesale products at extremely competitive prices. Whether you are a traditional brick and mortar store owner or an online vendor, buying wholesale from these vendors can be an extremely rewarding undertaking. Here are some of the questions you should consider when you buy wholesale:

Do They Cater To Small Businesses?

There are plenty of dealers to choose from when sourcing wholesale products and it can be difficult to decide on a single company.  If you are the owner of a small business such as a convenience store or an independent retailing outfit, it becomes essential to choose a wholesale product vendor that caters to small businesses. Most vendors deal in bulk orders that will prove too costly, not to mention uneconomical, for your needs.

Ask the prospective vendor for their minimum order requirements. These days it is possible to find online vendors who allow you to buy wholesale for amounts as low as fifty dollars. Try to find one who will be willing to let you buy smaller lots of multiple products instead of a bulk order of a single product. This will allow to you offer a greater variety of products without exceeding your budget.

Do They Have Everything You Need?

Retailing trends can change in the blink of an eye, and, unless your wholesale supplier keeps up with these changing trends, you will find yourself missing out on the hottest and newest items. The solution is to choose a supplier who has a sufficiently large and up-to-date range of wholesale products. You also save on shipping costs when ordering all your merchandise from a single vendor.

How Competitive Are Their Prices?

One of the most profitable methods is to select a vendor specializing in importing products in bulk. Look for a supplier who sources their merchandise directly from the manufacturers, since these tend to be substantially cheaper. Selecting a firm that imports directly from the maker can result in a substantial reduction in price. Also, ask about the shipping charges, since some vendors charge unnecessarily hiked up shipping costs that can otherwise eat into your profit margin.

Can They Ship Your Items In Time?

While it is important that the prospective dealer have a sufficiently wide variety of wholesale products, it is equally important that the said products are readily available to be shipped out on short notice. The chosen company should ideally have the merchandise already on hand in their warehouse and ready to send out as needed.

To conclude, any retail venture is only as good as its merchandise, and the choice of suppliers is a major determinant of the success or failure of a business. The goal should be to find wholesale products that give you the largest margin of profit as well as the greatest dependability.

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