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Stay on Top of Wholesale Product Trends

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Choosing the right products to sell is crucial to success of any retail venture. Whether you are a convenience store owner, an established online retailer or an amateur eBay seller, determining what you sell will go a long way in deciding the ultimate success or failure of your business.

One way to ensure your success is to get the help of wholesalers in determining your inventory needs. Most successful wholesale companies make it a point to keep track of market trends and update their inventories accordingly so as to maximize their sales. The majority of small business owners need to find a wholesaler who can deliver products at the right price while at the same time delivering them in a timely, reliable fashion. If you can find a wholesale company that can do the importing for you, then you don’t have to worry about all that. Plus, you know you’ll get reliable shipping and customer service from someone closer to home.

The other thing to look for is an importer who knows what to buy. You want products that will sell NOW, so choose a company to buy from that stays on top of retail trends. A good wholesaler will supply highly saleable goods such as office supplies, electronics, hair and beauty accessories, jewelry, and other items at extremely competitive pricing. 

Selected Products That Sell

  • Cosmetics and Beauty Accessories - Adding basic beauty and personal care products such as brushes, combs, face and body washes, shampoo, conditioner, nail files and other accessories can prove extremely profitable for small business owners. Cosmetic bags can be bought as wholesale items for highly economical rates and are sure to be steady sellers
  • Electronics - while higher-end electronic items such as cell phones and MP3 players continue to be perennial favorites, these may not always be viable for small business owners. Instead, opt for selling inexpensive yet handy gadgets such as keychain lights or LED flashlights. The latter especially has become very popular in today’s environmentally conscious world, with most people discarding their old flashlights for the longer-lasting and more eco-friendly LED flashlights. These can be bought as cheap wholesale products and are perfect for sporting goods shops and convenience stores well as small kiosks. Laptop case and netbook sleeves are another highly profitable product niche. Most people now buy separate cases for their personal electronic items and there is a huge market for stylish, personalized accessories and carry bags.
  • Fashion and Apparel - accessories like hats, scarves and leggings are big this season and can add huge profits to your business.
  • Jewelry - with budgets still tight these days, attractive yet inexpensive jewelry has become an essential component of every women’s wardrobe. This season it is all about being funky yet feminine, and wholesale items such as bracelets, bangles, and earrings are surefire winners.

Finding What’s Hot Right Now!

In conclusion, owners of traditional brick and mortar stores should make it a point to research the age groups and annual income of people in their particular locality in addition to exploring consumer trends in the area.  Ebay Vendors and other online retailers can check out some of the websites that offer daily, weekly and or monthly data on what is selling well on popular online auction sites. Make sure to do your own research in order to get a firm understanding on selling trends and find out what works for you.

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