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If you’re looking for reliable and competitively priced wholesale suppliers who can deliver your items fast, then you’ve come to the right place. No one understands the need for rapid replenishment of fast moving goods like we do. Our whole business revolves around cutting down shipping time a minimum, so that you can satisfy the demands of your clients quickly.

We provide wholesale merchandise to dollar stores, retailers, convenience stores, flea markets and just about everybody else at prices that are highly competitive and at speeds that will ensure that you don't run short of stock. We deliver wholesale products throughout the United State and worldwide. All merchandise is shipped from our warehouse in Hartford, Conn., which makes it possible for us to get to your orders in double quick time. We are open online 24/7 to offer you round-the-clock service.

Some wholesale suppliers based in the get the merchandise drop shipped from other countries, which inflates costs and increases delivery time because of custom clearance, distance and other such issues. All — let me repeat, ALL — of our wholesale products is directly imported into the U.S. and shipped from our warehouse in Connecticut. We ship to all locations in the U.S. and worldwide, and we do it faster than anyone else. We can also do blind drop shipping for certain orders.

We keep track of the demands of the market and keep our inventory updated with the latest hot favorites in clothing and accessories, fashion jewelry, health and beauty supplies, toys, general merchandise and other items your customers want. With our competitive prices, easy availability and most importantly, faster shipping facilities, we can make a huge and positive difference to your business.

As exclusive online wholesale suppliers, we don’t pay for showrooms and we don’t hold obsolete or outdated merchandise. This helps us provide you the latest merchandise at the lowest prices. You can order goods worth a minimum of $50 and we will be process and ship out of our warehouse at lightning speed.

Give us a try and see the difference it makes to your turnaround time —not to mention your profits.

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