Wholesale spray bottles can come in handy

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Wholesale spray bottles!  Not the most exciting wholesale product, one the other hand they sure can come in handy.  These clear plastic bottles with white spray tops have a  ton of different uses for them.  Businesses use them in their health spas, beauty salons, auto detailing shops, car washes, craft making shops, and the list goes on.  If you are business in need of spray bottles, DPJ Wholesale carries some of the lowest priced quality spray bottles in 50mil, 100mil, 150mil, and 200mil sizes.  If you are a reseller of wholesale general products, these sell very well in dollar stores, grocery stores, convenience stores,  and flea market/swap meets.  Order directly online at www.dpjwholesale.com, ship from Rocky Hill, CT. 

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  • Shiya on

    This is a good question. If you reuse and wash them out. They both are ok. I would go with pialtsc for cost, weight and safety.I recently learned that lemon juice and baking soda paste can be a great stain remover.

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