DPJ Wholesale Offers Holiday Advantages for Product and Brand Marketing

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The holiday season is fast approaching with Thanksgiving right around the corner. This time window provides some of the best item marketing opportunities as people get together in business and the offices to celebrate the days before the holiday vacations. What better time to move marketing product with logos and brand information than during the giving season? Get Those Coffee Mugs Not only are the days getting colder but the wind and rain is going to start picking up as well in a few weeks. That means on the natural people will be drinking more hot liquids and coffee drinks. Mugs, thermoses, coffee cups and similar all come out of the office cupboards for use during the cold days and marketing product can be right there with them. The best thing about marketing material is that it continues to advertise your business long after the first use. People can't help but look at a mug with a brand logo on it or advertising when in a meeting or on the run. It increases awareness as well as name recognition in the process. Unique Gifts Obviously, no one wants to receive a hand-me-off for a Christmas present, but if you want your business to gain free marketing through your employees, consider giving them free marketing product they can wear in the cold months. Don't think of it as a uniform; think of the products as added gifts that the employees can wear on their own, providing you free advertising while doing so. This can be in the form of winter hats, jackets, pullovers, sweaters, and more. Your employees will wear marketing material if it's comfortable, functional, and looks normal aside from a smart placement of a company logo. Take Advantage of the End of the Year Like many businesses, wholesalers have to move product as well. When the end of the year approaches, discounts for bulk purchasing begin to occur to move inventory so it doesn't have to be added to the year-end closing inventory for tax reporting. Our wholesale supply is no different. As a result, customers who pick up orders in the last few weeks of 2012 can take advantage of marketing product supply purchasing at pricing that saves money and maximizes advertising spending. The more product we move, the lower the overall price per unit. Your business can easily benefit and utilize the inventory purchased for months afterwards, knowing the cost for the purchase was significantly less than other times of the year. Conclusion As mentioned earlier, the holiday season bring all sorts of advantages and opportunities for marketing product use and advertising. With our wholesale merchandise our customers received the best product selection for marketing as well as some of the year's best pricing. Make the holidays ring in for your business as well as your bottom line.

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