Can’t find a wholesale supplier that is dedicated to the success of your business?

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"Are you looking for a reliable, cost effective source for a wide range of wholesale products for your retail business, but have been frustrated that you can’t find a wholesale supplier that is dedicated to the success of your business? Are you fed up with the hassle of trying to order and import product from overseas? Are you tired of trying to source multiple products that you need for your business from multiple suppliers? We are passionate about providing you with a wide range of retail merchandise sourced overseas and imported, and available to you wholesale. We understand that your business relies on product supply at affordable prices for you to be successful, and we are dedicated to becoming your source of that supply for the long term.”

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  • DPJ Wholesale on

    We have a non-toll free number listed at the bottom of our website. Thank you.

  • sharon Henry on

    can I have your non toll free #
    I would like to do business with your company but, cant call you on atoll free#

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