DPJ Wholesale Custom Imprinting Available Upon Request

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Custom Imprinting Available Upon Request

We here at DPJ Wholesale are very exited to let you know that we now offer custom imprinting on many of our blank wholesale products!  Since 2006 we have been selling tons of blank wholesale products to our great customers, who many of them turn them in to fabulous works of art.  

Over the years, on many occasions, we have been ask is we will do custom imprinting on our blank products for our customers.  The answer now is, yes we do!  Most of the products we currently carry that our customers want custom imprinting done on are, wholesale compact mirrors, key chains, tin cans, business card holders, tape measures, pill containers, money clips, nail clippers and much more.

Use them as promotional items for your business or to sell them retail.  We just need your logo or design and we are off to work.

Shoot us an email or pick up the phone and give us a call for a quote.

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  • Dagoberto on

    I just bought 50 buckles from you guys. Question is regarding the imprinting, how much more do you charge for it?

  • DPJ Wholesale on

    Hi. We are working on getting some samples together to add to our website. In the mean time if you would like something custom printed please send us your design/image and we can get you a sample. Thank you.

  • Sherri on

    Why don’t you have any examples of your custom imprinting on your web site? I’d really like to see what it looks like.

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