About Us


Located in Royal Oak, Michigan.  DPJ Wholesale is a direct importer and distributor of wholesale blanks.  As online wholesalers and suppliers of wholesale blanks, our extremely competitive pricing brings your business more profit!  Perfect for retail stores, convenience stores, dollar stores, kiosks, flea markets, online retailers, ebay sellers, amazon sellers, promotional product distributors, art designers, DIY, large and small businesses, promotional item distribution companies, wholesalers, trading companies, non profits and much more.

We are import direct.  Which means, we are the importers and wholesale suppliers and distributors.  We buy direct from manufactures all over the world, and we ONLY sell online.  We are continuously adding new products.  We ship worldwide from our warehouse in the US.  We have been in business since 2006

Unlike the bricks and mortar wholesalers, we only sell online. We do not have a high street presence. We do not have a large showroom full of thousands of out dated merchandise. We do not have an on-the-road sales team trying to off load last years merchandise onto you at inflated prices. We do not have these type of expenses, which in turn lets us keep our wholesale pricing very low for our customers.

We sell wholesale blank DIY products, such as, compact mirrors, key chains, pill boxes, business card holders, flasks, belt buckles, etc.